Women Cinema & Arts film FESTIVAL Awarded to Shreya Kulkarni by Vikrant More

What are your thoughts on young women and Indian cinema?

I think there is a lot of scope in cinema for anyone who is willing to work hard with passion and love. The role of women in Indian cinema has always been very inspiring to youngsters and I hope I too inspire other women to never give up on their dreams to work in cinema. There are a lot of stereotypes regarding women and film industry which are just gossips and I hope it doesn’t stop anyone who has the desire to act and represent themselves.

Did you ever thought that you will ever get an award regarding art and painting in the film industry?

Honesty, I never thought that I would be awarded because of my hobby which is painting. But it feels good to know that the film industry cares about the other aspects and passions of young actors and actress as it will keep inspiring people like me to never stop doing what they love. Art has always helped me to express myself be it painting or acting. And we as humans need art to express as to express is one of the best freedom we can ever get.

As a Marathi actress what are your thoughts on Bollywood?

There is a vast gap between Marathi and Bollywood industry but in the end it all ends with the same goal that is to inspire people through films though whichever language they are comfortable in. I would also say that be it any industry Marathi, Hindi or English it will always inspire groups of people to work and make their communities proud. Bollywood industry specifically is more famous as Hindi is the most spoken language by majority of Indian people.
If you ever get a chance to work in Bollywood would you work? And if yes then with whom would you like to work?
I would definitely love to work in Bollywood movies as I would be more open to new opportunities and experience which will help me to grow. I would like to work with sharukh khan as he is the person I look up to.

Who inspires you the most to keep going?

My mother has always been helpful in this journey of mine. From my childhood she has been telling me about the history of films and I have been attracted to that since then.

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