With 64K plus vaccination in a day, Udaipur makes a record

Udaipur : 64 thousand 312 covid vaccines were administered in a single day on Friday in Udaipur district , which perhaps is the highest record of a day for any district in Rajasthan so far.

“In the total 7 centers in Udaipur city and 125 centers in rural areas more than 500 health workers completed the herculean task successfully though our target was only 50 thousand persons” Dr Ashok Aditya, the incharge for Covid vaccination told .

Long queues were seen outside the centers as people eagerly awaited their turns. The longest queue was seen inside Sukhadia university campus where people had collected in large number. Two days ago in Ajmer some 49 thousand 805 persons were vaccinated on a single day.

The health and medical department at Udaipur had announced 50 thousand slots availability a day ago and people had rushed in for registration. Even after 6 pm, many slots were available on the website despite thousands of people having secured their allotments.

In Udaipur city, of the seven centers Mohanlal Sukhadia university held the vaccination of highest 5 thousand people. “The VC assisted us with extra workers including clerical staff scout volunteers and our medical team thus vaccinated the highest number of people here. Most of them got their first shots” Aditya said.

The officer said while only some people received covaxin second dose, the majority vaccinated today in Udaipur were administered covishield. In Udaipur the medical department had targeted 7 lakh people above 45 years age while 14 lakh people from 18-44 years were to be vaccinated.

“If we get an uninterrupted supply of 30K vials on a daily basis, the entire district can be covered within 50 days” said Aditya. One lakh people have been vaccinated in past three days which itself is a record. Beginning from wednesday 18, 20 and 64 thousand people have been administered the first dose.

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