Wildlife conservation efforts at Al Ain Zoo


Al Ain : Al Ain Zoo is expanding its efforts in conserving endangered species and protecting them from extinction by utilizing a wide variety of strategies and programmes highlighting the importance of preserving animals’ natural habitats.

Since its establishment, Al Ain Zoo has made significant achievements in conserving wildlife. It has become home for more than 4000 animals, and regarded as a pioneer in breeding endangered species, including the Arabian Oryx, and the Arabian Sand Cat which now holds the largest number of cats in captivity. The zoo also is working to protect theNile lechwe whose numbers in the wild have reduced by 50% during the last 15 years. Al Ain Zoo also coordinates with several international organizations to map conversation strategies for the African Dama gazelle.

Al Ain Zoo has been active in its conservation efforts since the early 1970s, playing a leading role in conserving endangered species, achieving great success in breeding the desert antelopes and gazelles. Breeding programmes continued to expand locally and internationally by developing and restructuring them, as well as introducing animal exchange programmes with other international zoos.

Al Ain Zoo is committed to contribute in wildlife conservation which include supporting important international conservation programmes internationally. The zoo is focusing its efforts on wildlife conservation,research activities and breeding threatened species. As well as collaborating on reintroduction programs where possible.

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