Who is Hailey Grice? Meet the stylish model mistaken for Dan Bilzerian’s wife

Hailey Grice
Hailey Grice

American-Armenian billionaire, professional poker player and internet playboy sensation Dan Bilzerian shocked his fans after he posted a picture of himself walking down the aisle with a mysterious woman.

“I finally did it,” read the caption. He did not tag his alleged ‘better-half’ fueling speculation that he might be ‘faking’ his marriage.

But none of it really stopped the netizens from flooding the social media searches to find out who is the mystery girl. Some are mistaking the woman for fashion model Hailey Grice.

Her Instagram is filled with stunning pictures of her posing in bikinis, athleisure and more. But it is less likely that she is the playboy’s alleged ‘lady love.’ She is a popular model and has graced the cover of many fashion magazines. The beauty is further rumoured to be dating Egyptian-American professional basketball player Abdel Nader.

While it remains unconfirmed about Dan’s marital status, pictures of Hailey are all over the internet ruling the timeline and how!  picture: Instagram

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