Video shows ants crawling on face of paralysed COVID-19 patient in Gujarat hospital

Ahmedabad :  A video showing ants crawling on the face of a paralysed COVID-19 patient at a well-known Gujarat government-run hospital has surfaced on social media platforms, prompting the medical facility”s administration to order an inquiry on Friday. The video was shot a few days back by a kin of the woman COVID-19 patient, who is also suffering from paralysis and currently receiving treatment in the ICU of Sir Sayajirao General (SSG) Hospital at Vadodara.

The administration of the state government-run hospital assured of action if any lapse is established on part of staffers. In the 5-minute viral clip, the woman in her 50s can be seen lying on an ICU bed and being fed through a tube and responding only by shaking head when the relative asks her if she wants something. Upon seeing ants coming out from the corner of her swollen mouth, the person shooting the video can be heard complaining to a nurse, who tells him that due care was taken by the on-duty staff and the patient”s mouth was also cleaned during the previous night.

Upon learning about the incident, Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Ranjan Aiyer, ordered an inquiry and assured of action if any negligence comes to light. “All the staff have been given strict instructions to maintain high standards of hygiene and also remain alert in attending patients. The spillage of food from the pipe might have attracted the ants. “I have also ordered an inquiry into the incident and action will be taken if any lapses are found” said Dr. Aiyer.

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