US has seen credible reports of deliberate attacks on civilians: Blinken

Washington, March 6 : US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Sunday said that the US has seen “very credible reports of deliberate attacks on civilians” in Ukraine that would be considered a war crime, reported CNN. “We’ve seen very credible reports of deliberate attacks on civilians which would constitute a war crime. We’ve seen very credible reports about the use of certain weapons,” Blinken told the news channel. “What we’re doing right now is documenting all of this, putting it all together, looking at it and making sure that, as people and the appropriate organizations and institutions investigate whether war crimes have been or are being committed, that we can support whatever – whatever they’re doing.” “So, right now we’re looking at these reports. They’re very credible and we’re documenting everything,” Blinken added. The US Secretary’s statements follow US President Joe Biden’s remarks last week that Russia was intentionally targeting civilians in attacks on Ukraine. According to the report, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has also accused Russia of using cluster m tions and vacuum bombs – weapons that are banned under international law. MYK RKM

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