Try Innovatively Crafted Ayurvedic Make-Up Products That Nourish Your Skin

Today the lines between makeup and skin care are increasingly blurring! Acknowledging the avant-garde rise in the demand for clean and ayurveda-infused makeup formulations some of the well-known beauty brands in India have plunged into bottling innovatively mystical Ayurvedic makeup products that avouch to the contemporary concept of “makeup infused skincare”.

Now, In the upcoming section we have picked for you 8 innovative make-up products that are sure to dole out the glow of your dreams all the while nourishing your skin!!

  • Chandan Soam Rosa Silk Skin Tint

Amalgamating sensuous experience with efficacy the Indian home grown brand Forest Essentials recently launched its range of Skin tints for facial adornment. Infused with freshly hand-pressed oils namely Moringa, Sunflower, Green Tea and Almonds, the Chandan Soma Rosa Silk Skin Tint is a lightweight finishing cream that swears to blur out imperfections and even out the skin complexion.

Being light-textured with a silky finish, the Chandan Soma Rosa Silk Tint soothes the skin and acts as the perfect last step to be employed for a luxurious skin care routine. 

  • BB Cream – Golden Glow

Cruelty-free, natural and organic the Ayurvedic BB Cream is a herb-infused makeup formulation that you simply cannot resist adding to your vanity. Imbued with Ayurvedic ingredients like sandalwood, Turmeric and Pink Lotus this BB Cream constructively blurs out fine lines, acnes, acne scars and even hyperpigmentation while nourishing the skin and boosting its glow.

Ideal for achieving the much hyped “no makeup, makeup look”, the Soultree BB Cream is an innovatively crafted makeup product that is suitable for all skin complexions.

  • Diva Satin Smooth 3-in-1 Compact Makeup

The widely-known Ayurveda based label Biotique recently forayed into the makeup market with its launch of the luxurious Diva Satin Smooth 3-in-1 Compact makeup. As the name suggests this make-up product is an amalgamation of a compact concealer and a foundation and can be used to achieve a subtle yet shimmering makeup look.

Enriched with SPF 25+ the unique formulation brightens the skin while rejuvenating and repairing the fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles.

  • Herb Enriched Skin Tint

Perfect to ace the esteemed “dewy, no make-up” look the Just Herbs, Herb Enriched Skin Tint is a flawless Ayurvedic BB Cream that blends into the skin and gives a soft and natural look. Infused with skincare marvels this skin tint does not conceal the skin but instead provides sheer coverage that assists in reducing imperfections.

Loaded with potent Ayurvedic herbs you can reckon on this skin tint to moisturise the skin and provide a broad spectrum UV protection.

  • Gulaabi Noor Nikhaar Cheek Tint

Another offering from Forest Essentials that you must add to your makeup regime is the Gulaabi Noor Nikhaar Cheek Tint that offers to give the alluring pink flush to the cheeks. Apart from enhancing the skin’s natural complexion, this cheek tint also works constructively when it comes to nourishing, restoring and regenerating the undertone of the skin.

Convenient to use with a brush or simply fingertips the sheer cheek tint is a sparse coalescence of hand-pressed oil, pure fine clay and vegetable colours.

  • Diva Radiance Illuminating Foundation

Perhaps the first step to any long-lasting makeup look is an unblemished foundation that sets the base for further application. Designed by experts and inspired by Ayurveda, the Biotique Diva Radiance Illuminating Foundation is a gorgeous radiance formulation that is suffused with SPF 25 and potent herbs.

The foundation multitasks to protect the skin from pollutants at the same time as it gives to the users a visibly brighter looking skin and glow that customarily lasts throughout the day!! 

  • Herb Enriched Lip & Cheek Tint

Being the frontrunner in the Indian Ayurvedic Beauty Industry, “Just Herbs” followed its much-hyped skin tints with the herb-enriched lip & cheek tints that are presently available in 7 exquisite shades. Boosted with enriching ingredients like Vitamin-E, rice starch and polished with efficacious hand-pressed oils like Jojoba and Castor, these lip & cheek tints keep the skin and lip moisturised day in and day out.

Since the Just Herbs Lip & Cheek tints are light as a feather on the skin they can be used both as a makeup to camouflage the blemishes and as a skincare product to nourish the skin.

  • Nude Lip and Cheek Tint (Daughter Earth)             

Practically unmissable, Daughter Earth’s Nude lip and cheek tint is a 100% vegan makeup solution that is inundated with Vitamin-E and plant-based ingredients for a healthy flush on the cheeks and fuller-looking lips.

Made with kindness and perfect as a gifting option the scintillating Lip and cheek tints nourish the cheek and lips while the nude shades succour the subtle makeup look perfect for any occasion.

The cosmetic industry is thriving and with it a new generation of woke consumers is taking the lead, that is calling for Ayurveda infused makeup products that not just beautify but also nutrify the skin! Now, you too can assimilate into this makeup revolution by buying any or all of the afore-mentioned ayurveda-infused makeup formulations!!

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