‘TKF’ shadow: Diggy rains fire on Modi

Bhopal, Mar 16 : Even as the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ is making headlines across the country, the BJP in general and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular came under withering fire from Rajya Sabha Member and Madhya Pradesh’s erstwhile chief minister Digvijaya Singh who underlined on Wednesday that hatred engenders violence and vitiates peace. “Has there ever been any thought regarding the Hindus earning their livelihood in Muslim countries? When the exodus of Kashmiri pandits took place, the Congress was in the Opposition. The (Centre’s) Vishwanath Pratap Singh-led Janata Dal dispensation enjoyed BJP support. Mr Mufti Mohammed Sayeed was on Home Minister and Mr Jagmohan was Governor. So why is the Congress being cursed? That is because the BJP and Mr Modi harbour trepidation vis-a-vis the Congress. Their solitary objective is to derive political mileage,” he wrote in social media. GV-AC

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