The Kerala Story row: WB Govt files affidavit in SC

New Delhi : The West Bengal government has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court on The Kerala Story issue. The West Bengal government says that apart from hate speech, facts have been manipulated in this film. Due to this, the issue of communal disharmony and law and order may arise in the state. Whose information was given by the intelligence system of the state.

The West Bengal government has defended the ban on the screening of the film The Kerala Story, saying the screening of the film is likely to lead to clashes between extremist groups. In such a situation, it was decided to ban the controversial film in the state to avoid any incident of hatred and violence. The state government says that the ban on the film is a policy decision taken on the basis of intelligence inputs. The ban has not violated the fundamental rights of the petitioners and the financial loss suffered by the petitioners cannot be termed as a violation of fundamental rights.

In this case, the Tamil Nadu government has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that the state government has not imposed any restriction on the release of the film The Kerala Story. The argument given by the film producer about the situation like a ban on showing the film in the state is wrong. The Tamil Nadu government says that the film was released in 19 multiplexes on May 5, but due to the lack of audience in the film, the theatre owners themselves have decided to stop the screening of the film. Adequate security arrangements were made for all the cinema halls screening the film in the state.

For this, the Director General of Police instructed all the State Police Commissioners and District Superintendents of Police to provide adequate security to all the cinema halls showing the film and to the people coming to watch the film. More than 965 policemen were deployed for this in the state. Also, 21 DSPs were deployed for the security of 21 theatres screening the film. The State Government submits that the petitioners have made false and misleading allegations against the Government of Tamil Nadu motivated by malicious intent and to gain publicity. The Tamil Nadu government has said that the producer has tried to take undue advantage by filing a petition in the Supreme Court. Therefore, the petition of the filmmaker should be dismissed.

The producer of the film has also filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the ban on Kerala Story in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. While hearing this petition on May 12, notice was issued to the Government of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. During the hearing, the court had asked the government of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu that when the film is running all over the country then why is it being stopped in your state.