Step mom drown & bury two kids in Dungarpur village; Bodies exhumed after 4 days

Udaipur : In a gruesome incident, a step mother drowned two children to death, convinced the family that they died in a mishap and buried the bodies. Three days later, the guilt ridden woman confessed the truth before the family. Upon the complaint of the victims’ grandfather, the police took the woman in custody and exhumed the bodies that have been sent for autopsy to Dungarpur civil hospital.

“The incident happened on June 3, however , we got the report on Monday by the kids grandfather Chhagan who said his daughter-in-law killed his grandchildren by drowning them. The bodies were exhumed in the presence of the SDM and sent for autopsy by a medical board. The FSL team has also been called to collect samples , an investigation is underway. The accused has been detained for interrogation” DySP Rameshwar Lal said.

The incident took place in Sharam village under Ramsagda police station of Dungarpur. Badri Fera ‘s first wife had left him to live with another man under the tribe’s Nata system. Badri also brought another woman Durga under the tribal custom two years ago. Badri had a 5 year old daughter Nisha and 3 year old son Vishal from his first wife. The children were left to Durga ‘s care after Badri went to Gujarat to work. On June 3, the step mom drowned the kids in a plastic tub inside the bathroom. Later she told Badri’s father who lived nearby , that the children were bitten by some poisonous reptile and had a natural death. The family members believed her and buried the kids.

Two days later, on June 5 Durga left the home and returned next day. Badri’s father was suspicious of Durga’s behaviour and when he pressurised her , the woman told them the truth behind the kids death. She said she did not wanted to raise the children and hence killed them. Meanwhile, the family sources said that Durga had been married to Badri for two years and was concerned that when she would have her own kids, they would not get much importance because of the victims. Limited land assets is too believed as another reason behind the brutal murders.

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