Shilpa Medicare introduces Capecitabine 1000 MG dispersible tablet

Shilpa Medicare has introduced Capecitabine 1000 MG dispersible tablet for the first time in the world, with novel technology of faster dispersion within 90 seconds. The company has launched the product in the Indian market on December 16, 2022 and is further looking to introduce Capebel 1 gm DT in various international markets through its partners and clients.

Shilpa Medicare
Shilpa Medicare

Till now Capecitabine is available in 500 mg and 150 mg tablets and the recommended doses are 3500 to 4000 mg /day divided into two doses for 14 consecutive days requiring 7 to 8 tablets to be consumed by the patients daily. This was an unmet need and remains a big issue for Cancer patients. Swallowing of 7 to 8 tablets pose a challenge in completing daily doses since most cancer patients have swallowing difficulties and hence a significant patient compliance issue.

With the revolutionary introduction of the company’s new brand, ‘Capebel’, patients will be required to just drop the tablets in 100 mL water and allow the tablets to dissolve and then drink dissolved solution. Hence from 7 to 8 tablets a day, patients just need to drink 100 mL water twice daily with dissolved tablets in it.

Shilpa Medicare produces and exports consistently high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Fine Chemicals, intermediates, herbal products and speciality chemical products using sophisticated technology, meticulously following international specifications.

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