Bengaluru : Sakra World Hospital, India’s first FDI multi-superspeciality hospital, launched its Nursing Simulation Lab on Thursday (May 9), at its Outer Ring Road facility in Bengaluru. The lab was inaugurated by the chief guests, Mr. Teddy Duthel, French Foreign Trade Advisor in India (CCE Inde), who is also the Managing Director of Sonovision Germany, Sonovision Aetos India, and Sonovision Production Centres, along with Ms. Ramona Simion, Head of Sonovision at ORTEC Group, in the presence of Mr. Lovekesh Phasu,Group Chief Operating Officer, Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru.

With the launch, Sakra has become the first standalone corporate hospital in the city to introduce the Nursing Anne Simulator. The state-of-the-art simulator aims to enhance the capabilities of Sakra’s nurses, empowering them to provide exceptional care with accuracy and proficiency.

The Nursing Anne Simulator is meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of realism and safety. It will empower Sakra’s nurses to receive thorough training in a wide range of nursing skills, encompassing basic assessments to advanced interventions. Its features, including spontaneous breathing and blinking eyes, replicate genuine patient responses, providing crucial practice in a controlled setting. This will allow nurses to sharpen their critical thinking, refine clinical procedures, and improve decision-making — all while prioritizing patient safety.

Diverging from traditional training methods, the Nursing Anne Simulator guarantees an immersive and authentic learning experience. More importantly, the modular design of the simulator will offer flexibility and versatility. Equipped with diverse accessories and interchangeable components, it has the ability to replicate a range of patient scenarios, meeting different training needs. Whether it is routine care or complex medical procedures, Sakra’s nurses will participate in personalized training sessions that closely resemble real-life healthcare situations.

It’s pertinent to note that simulation training provides a safe environment for learners to make mistakes, learn from them, and improve their skills without endangering real patients. Overall, incorporating simulators into nursing education and training helps to ensure that healthcare professionals are well-prepared to provide safe and effective care to real patients when they enter clinical practice.

Highlighting the importance of the launch, Mr. Lovekesh Phasu,Group Chief Operating Officer, Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru, stated, “In India, the intersection of education and health is paramount. Our initiative aims to catalyze transformative developments in healthcare. By equipping nurses with a comprehensive understanding of diseases and the necessary steps forward, we pave the way for enhanced patient outcomes. Advancing nursing technology not only ensures improved access to healthcare for patients, but also empowers nurses to optimize their time, make informed decisions, and provide continuous, high-quality care.”