Sadhguru addresses UN on soil health

Geneva, April 6 : In order to bring about a turnaround in soil health in 8-20 years time, Isha Foundation Founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev said that policy making needs to take place right now. “Policy making needs to happen now, not tomorrow for the world to reverse and halt further soil degradation. This could affect a turnaround in soil health in 8-20 years time,” he said addressing the Permanent Mission of India to the ted Nations at Geneva on Tuesday. Sadhguru stressed the importance of people’s voice in a democracy where a government is elected to fulfill the people’s mandate. “In democratic nations, there are two things which are most powerful. One is your vote, another is your voice. I am saying, where is your voice? What have you spoken about that is of great concern to you and to the world? What have you spoken? It’s time to speak,” he said. Unless the people explicitly state that they want their leaders to invest in the long-term well being of the nation, elected governments cannot act, Sadhguru said. “People have not spoken. In these 100 days, we want 3-4 billion people to speak. You don’t have to support me. Say something about soil every day,” he said. On Day-16 of his 100-day journey, Sadhguru reached Geneva from Rome after several hours of a challenging ride through wet and cold conditions. He made an impassioned appeal to the global comm ty to save soil which is the basis of life. The UN has warned that rapid soil degradation could lead to a severe global food crisis that threatens to plunge the world into brutal civil strife over the next few decades. “Young people are beginning to think food comes from Uber. That’s a very Uber idea,” he said. The Save Soil Movement aims to rally citizens across the globe to raise their voice in support of preventing soil extinction in their countries. It is estimated that soil extinction could set off unprecedented global turmoil including food and water shortages, civil wars, intensified climate change impact and unchecked mass migrations around the globe. BDN RKM

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