‘Russia put deterrence forces on alert over UK Minister’s words on NATO involvement’

Khimki, Russia, March 5 ( /Sputnik) No one corrected UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss after her remarks about the possible involvement of NATO in the conflict in Ukraine, which prompted Moscow to put its deterrence forces on high alert, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday. At a meeting with female flight crews of Russian airlines, the president explained that Russia decided to bring the deterrence forces into a special combat duty regime after Truss “blurted out that NATO could be involved in the conflict” in Ukraine. “The reaction followed — they said that nothing of the kind was meant, but no one rebuked her, no one disavowed these statements. If anyone told us something, as in, this is her personal opinion, do not pay attention. Nobody [said] anything. And what should we think about this? What should we think about this? Of course, we took it as a signal,” Putin said. /SPUTNIKN GK

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