Revolt in Rajasthan: Sachin Pilot warns Gehlot; places 3 demands

Jaipur : Former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot announced a movement against his own government on Monday. He placed three demands before the government and said that if these demands are not met by the end of this month, then we will agitate in the entire state.

Addressing a public meeting in Jaipur at the conclusion of the five-day Jan Sangharsh Yatra, Pilot warned of agitation against the government on three demands, saying that my first demand is to dissolve the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), the mother of corruption. New laws and criteria should be made for the selection of chairman and members and people should be selected transparently.

The second demand states that every child should get full compensation for the paper leak. In the third demand, it has been said that a high-level inquiry should be conducted into the allegations leveled against Vasundhara.

He said that if these three demands are not met by the end of this month, then I want to tell you that till now I have fasted in Gandhian way but if no action is taken till the end of the month, I will agitate in the entire state.

Pilot said that there will be a big movement in villages and cities. We don’t have anything. We had left with shoes on our feet.

Targeting Gehlot, he said, We are working for the organisation without any post and you are eating cream while sitting in power. Let people hear that don’t limit me, I don’t belong to any religion or society. I am the son of 36 communities. I am the son of Rajasthan.

Pilot said, Whether I should stay on any post or not but will continue to serve the people of Rajasthan. I am not afraid, I am not going to suppress. I have fought for you and will keep fighting.