Revitalization Progress of Udaipur Railway Station

The Udaipur Railway Station is undergoing a transformation to bring world-class facilities, a venture marked by an investment of 354 crores. Journalists from national media, arriving from Delhi, witnessed and covered the ongoing development activities at the Udaipur station. In attendance were key figures from the construction department, including Deputy Chief Engineer Mr. Mayank Gupta, Executive Engineer Mr. Vikas Sehara, and Regional Manager Mr. Mahendra Depal.

The development aims to enhance a total area of 86,248 square meters at Udaipur City Station, with the main station building covering 5,989 square meters (ground floor + 3) and the second entrance station building covering 5,824 square meters (ground floor + 3). The main station building will include provisions for car parking, separate gates for arrival/departure, security check areas, a 72-meter wide concourse area housing a food court, shopping court, cafeteria, waiting area, play area, and more. The station will see an increase in the number of lifts to 20 and escalators to 26. Both foot overbridges will be connected through a skywalk. Unreserved waiting rooms, executive waiting rooms, kiosks, restrooms, baggage scanners, and coach indicators will be strategically placed for passenger convenience.

Known as the City of Lakes, the complete rejuvenation of Udaipur station will be apparent with its grand and appealing structure. The entire project not only focuses on construction but also incorporates green building features to reduce energy consumption during operation and maintenance. These green building amenities will include waste recycling with renewable energy, rainwater harvesting, and other resource-efficient practices.

Considering the significance of Udaipur city as a tourist destination, the railway is undertaking various initiatives to improve passenger facilities. The future-oriented approach is aligned with the evolving conditions of Udaipur city, and plans are in place to work systematically. In this regard, the Udaipur station is being revamped under the ‘Amrit Station’ initiative, combining the heritage and modernity of Mewar. The provision is made to develop the station as a focal point of the city, ensuring that incoming tourists leave with memorable experiences.