BENGALURU : According to a complaint lodged with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on May 1, MP Prajwal Ravana raped a 44-year-old former panchayat member after threatening to shoot her.

This woman’s complaint marks the first time that Prajwal has been accused of sexual assault under Article 376 of the Islamic Penal Code. He and his father HD Revanna were accused of sexual harassment, stalking and criminal intimidation in an FIR registered by the Holnarispura city police on April 28. Complaints from former employees from family members.

The politician told police that she often raises people’s concerns with MPs and MPs. In 2021, he approached Prajwal Rawana at MP Hasan hostel to provide student places in hostels. According to her complaint, there were many people in the first floor hallway. The staff directed her to the first floor and told her that Prajwal would meet her there.

When he sexually abused me, he recorded the act on his cell phone. After speaking to the other visitors, he led them into the bedroom and locked the door. The woman claimed that when her husband objected to locking the door, he persuaded her to stay and told her that her mother had not received the general election documents because of her husband. She asks him to warn her not to tell her husband too much and threatens him with dire consequences.

He then asked her to obey him and take care of his physical needs if her husband grew politically. “When I refused, he threatened me and said he had a gun and would show me and my husband’s gang no mercy. Then he raped me. While he was abusing me…he was doing it over the phone,” she said. “His companion recorded the information and threatened to reveal it. If I revealed the incident, he forced me to meet his physical needs whenever he needed it.”

Prajwal is said to have threatened his wife, who was always with him, to get rid of him, stripped her, filmed her in several videos and raped her several times.