PM Modi driving Indian car looking into rearview mirror and it’s crashing: Rahul Gandhi

New York : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that the BJP and RSS are “incapable” of looking at the future and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to drive the Indian car by only looking in the rearview mirror which will lead to “one accident after another.” Gandhi addressed a massive community event at the Javits Centre organised by the Indian Overseas Congress – USA on Sunday as he wrapped up his US visit that included trips to San Francisco and Washington DC.

“Back home we have a problem, and I will tell you the problem. BJP and the RSS are incapable of looking at the future. They’re incapable. Unse aap kuch bhi poocho, woh peeche ki aur dekhte hain (You ask anything they look into the past),” he said.

He said that if you ask the BJP why a train accident happened, they will say the Congress Party did such and such thing 50 years ago, taking a swipe at the government following the Odisha train accident, one of the worst railway tragedies in the country.