People have made Yogi CM again: Shah

Lucknow, March 24 : on Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday said that the people of Uttar Pradesh have made Yogi Adityanath Chief Minister again, the party has only elected him as the leader of the legislature party. Addressing the newly elected MLAs after Yogi was elected as the BJP legislature party leader, Shah said, “The people of UP have made Yogi CM again. We have only elected him as the leader of the legislature party again.” He said that it was a matter of great pleasure that the party has created a history. “In 37 years no political party got a majority for the second time. BJP is the lone party which got two-third majority twice. In the history of the state no CM was elected for the second time on the basis of works done by him. The people of UP have elected Yogi for the second time. When our poll campaign started and I came here I said that we will contest this election under the leadership of Yogi,” he said. Shah said that UP had been the center of political instability. “There had been erosion of values and political ideology as a result the number of caste based parties increased. There had been political instability in the state for a long time. In 2014 declared the then CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi will be the PM. There was consciousness awakening among the people, a new ray of hope and happiness went among the people,” he said. He said that since 2014 till date the people of UP have expressed faith in PM Modi in every election. “When the history will be written the pandit would be required to analyse and think about why people reposed their faith in the leadership of BJP again and again,” he said. Shah said that between 2014 to 2017 the then Samajwadi Party (SP) government did not implement the welfare schemes of the Modi government at the center at the ground level due to casteist politics, politicisation of administration and criminalisation of politics. “Due to that environment, the public had started losing faith in the government machinery, but on the basis of the work done at the central level in the first three years of the Modi government, the people of UP decided to bring change in 2017,” he said. He said, “This change which has come has become possible due to our dedicated work culture towards the people of the country.” Shah appealed that the foundation of the development in UP which has been laid in the five years has to be taken forward to fulfill the aspirations of the people in the next five year. “In the next five years we have to build a strong building on that foundation. We have to make UP number one state in the country. We have to make UP’s economy number one in the country,” he said. He said, “Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Yogi for being elected as the leader of the legislature party. I have full faith that the resolution of welfare of the poor, farmers and deprived sections which PM Modi has taken, will work in that direction continuously with the same dedication.” AB SHK2147

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