Pakistan: Opp mulls alternative if no-confidence fails


Islamabad, March 20 : The opposition parties in Pakistan which are gearing up to bring in the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan are mulling over a ‘Plan-B’ in case their ‘Plan-A’ i.e. the ouster of the prime minister through the no-trust motion falls short of achieving the target, Dawn reported on Sunday. Apart from its Plan-A and Plan-B, the opposition is leaving no stone unturned to make its no-trust move a success and is now devising a Plan-C to keep the momentum going if their efforts fail to get them the intended results. The opposition had filed the no-trust motion against the premier with the NA Secretariat on March 8. According to Article 54, a session of the National Assembly can be requisitioned if at least 25 per cent of the members sign it, following which the speaker has a maximum of 14 days to summon a session. Sources revealed that the Plan-A involves removing the Prime Minister Imran Khan through the no-trust move under which contacts were developed with the government’s allies and its estranged members. However, if the no-confidence move fails, the opposition will immediately move to Plan-B and will “exert pressure over the prime minister to seek the vote of confidence”. The vote of confidence will be demanded from the prime minister as per the legal and constitutional procedure. The option of resignations from the estranged treasury members is the part of the Plan-B. The president and the NA speaker will be informed in writing about the matter. The opposition will require the support of 172 members’ for the success of the no-trust move, the same number the prime minister would require to win the vote of confidence. ACL1319

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