Pakistan apprehends 16 Indian fishermen for crossing the maritime border

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan has arrested 16 Indian fishermen and confiscated two boats for crossing into Pakistan’s waters. Pakistani officials have confirmed this.


The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) said that one of its ships on Tuesday arrested 16 Indian fishermen and seized two Indian boats during routine surveillance in maritime areas in Pakistan.

PMSA said in a statement that the Indian boats were caught on charges of violation of Pakistani law and UN law at sea. After a preliminary investigation, the boats were taken to Karachi and the fishermen caught to complete further legal formalities. The docs were handed over to the police. PMSA’s ships, aircraft and boats regularly patrol and monitor Pakistan’s maritime areas to protect the interests of local fishermen, while ensuring that any foreign fishing vessels enter the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Do not poach inside.

Significantly, Pakistan and India regularly arrest fishermen of each other country for violating the maritime boundary.

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