Sambhal : On Saturday, Uttar Pradesh minister Dharampal Singh said that the opposition parties assassinated gangster-politician Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf out of concern that the two would divulge their secrets.

On the night of April 15, Atiq Ahmad (60) and his brother Ashraf were shot dead at point-blank range by three persons acting as journalists in the middle of a media engagement when police were transporting them to a medical college in Prayagraj for a checkup.They were transported to Prayagraj from Gujarat and Bareilly jails for questioning in connection with the earlier this year assassination of Umesh Pal and his two police protection guards. The truth is that the opposition is involved in the assassination of Atiq.

Some serious secrets were about to be revealed, which is why the opposition had him murdered, claimed Singh, the state minister of animal husbandry and dairy development, who travelled here to attend the BJP workers’ meeting for the Chandausi civic elections.

To accomplish the crime, the three assailants of Atiq pretended to be members of the media. Following the incident, they were apprehended by authorities. To investigate the situation, the Uttar Pradesh government has formed a three-member judicial investigation committee.