Not numbers, India needs trained manpower in security scenario : PM

New Delhi, March 12 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said more than the numbers, the security apparatus of the country needs “trained manpower” to deal with emerging challenges. Delivering the first Convocation address at Rashtriya Raksha versity, the Prime Minister said, “Instead of numbers, we need trained manpower. We need a security personnel who is well versed with technology, human psyche, the one who knows ways of comm cation with the young generation.” He emphasised on acquiring these skills saying that during agitations and movements, police needs to deal with the leaders of those movements. “One needs to have necessary skills to negotiate. If our manpower is not trained, it will spoil the negotiations,” he said. He asked the law enforcement agencies to develop resources keeping mind that people are supreme in a democracy. The Prime Minister stressed the need to change the image of police and security personnel. Depiction of police in the popular culture has not helped in this regard, he said. “Post independence, there was a need of reforms in the country’s security apparatus. A perception was developed that we have to be stay away from the formed personnel. But it has changed now. When people see formed personnel now, they get the assurance of help,” he claimed. “We need a police manpower that wins the trust of the people,” he said. He noted the humane work by the police personnel during the pandemic period. The Prime Minister said the security agencies need to alter training module for their personnel according to the needs and requirements of present times. “We need to develop our training module in such a way that police manpower remain cordial with people,” he said adding that the country needs experts in jail psyche who can transform the lives of the criminals. Modi urged the students that they should always keep the values of humanity integral to their form. ASU SY 1444

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