No Khalistan wave in Punjab, claims Amit Shah

Benguluru : Even as the search for missing Khalistan sympathiser Amritpal Singh continues, Home Minister Amit Shah maintained on Saturday that there is no Khalistan wave in Punjab and that the Centre is keeping a careful eye on the situation.

The Punjab government had done well, and the Centre had cooperated, according to the Home Minister. There is no Khalistan wave. Many people have tried, but governments have done their job. The Punjab government has done well, and the Centre has backed it up. We are closely monitoring the situation, Shah said at a media conclave in Benguluru.

When asked about Amritpal Singh’s arrest and the fact that he has been missing for a long period, the union Minister stated, It may happen sometime. He used to be able to move freely, but now he is unable to continue his activities, he explained.

The Home Minister further stated that the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not accept any attack on Indian High Commissions and will take harsh measures in accordance with Indian laws. Amit Shah was alluding to last month’s attack on the Indian High Commission in London, as well as the consulates in the United Kingdom and San Francisco.

We have made the NIA capable of investigating any conspiracy against India on foreign soil. The Delhi Police opened a case and initiated an investigation, and the Indian High Commission also provided a report. Based on that, we have turned over the investigation to the NIA, the home minister said at a media summit in Bengaluru.

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