Mob assault two for stealing tyres, Police take case after video goes viral on social media

Udaipur : In yet another case of mob violence, unknown assailants tortured and thrashed two men severely after they were caught with stolen tyres in Nimbahera of Chittorgarh district. Upon the theft complaint, the cops at Nimbahera (Sadar) police station lodged a case and arrested the thieves who were later released as per the directions of  the High Court over not  keeping  the accused on offences punishable less than 3 years.

After the accused were released, the police got to know of video clips that went viral on the social media where the thieves were seen being tortured by a mob. Hurriedly, the police lodged another case and have named  five persons for the assault. 

The complainant Sattar Khan had on 23 May given a complaint at the Sadar police station claiming that someone stole 8 tyres from his shop at Ranikheda circle  past midnight. Next day Sattar and his aids took two men Jameel son of Babu Khan and Komal  son of  Phoolchand  Khatik and handed them to the cops at the station where the accused confessed their crime. However, the accused did not tell the police  that they had been brutally beaten by the mob.

The police arrested Jameel and Komal and later released them as they couldn’t be jailed as per the court directives. Later, on Tuesday, two video clips went  viral on the social media wherein Jameel and Komal were seen being severely thrashed by some men. Investigation Officer Suraj Kumar said, a case of physical assault has been registered and an investigation is underway, the culprits would be nabbed soon.

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