Man suffers renal failure after police force sit-ups, make run 3 kilometers

‘Accused constable suspended, inquiry begins ‘

Udaipur : Incidents of rudeness and misbehaviour by  policemen during compliance of lockdown norms are on rise in Udaipur. In one such incident, a dairy owner reportedly suffered renal problem after a cop induced physical exertion and made  him do 100 sit-ups and run some three kilometers empty stomach. The man after being unable to pass urine was admitted in hospital, put on dialysis but after his condition deteriorated,he has been referred to Nadiad in Gujarat. His father and brother met the Superintendent of Police and gave a written complaint. ” We have received the complaint. The constable has been suspended and an enquiry is being held by the CO,East” SP Rajiv Pachar told .

Complainant Kishore Prajapat said his brother Meethalal who runs a dairy in Shabri colony in Ayad area, was winding up the shop in the evening on 25 May after the permitted hours, when some policemen arrived and forcibly took him to the  quarantine center. Meethalal told the cops that he was about to close the shop and was keeping the utensils inside but the cops didnt heed to him. Next day they got his RTPCR test held and then asked him and the other people to do 100 situps. Constable GuruDayal misbehaved and abused Meethalal when he expressed inability in physical exertion and requested to pay penalty instead of being made to run but the cop forced him to  run 3 kilometers. Later in the evening, the test report came negative and Meethalal was released.

After he came home, Meethalal had problem in urination and was taken to hospital.” The doctors said my brother’s kidneys were not functioning as the muscles had ruptured due to over pressure. They said some liquid has flown into the kidney and caused harm” Kishore said. Meethalal  was put on dialysis however his condition did not improve. He was referred and taken to Nadiad hospital on Monday evening. In a similar incident, a security service provider NandKishore Trivedi filed a complaint  against two cops for misbehaviour and physical assault even though he had valid documents for movement.

Trivedi said security service providers fall under the exempted category for 24 hours movement since they provide security guards  for homes and  establishments however,  the cops  grossly misbehaved, snatched and threw away his mobile phone and punched him on his face and back which caused injuries. The SP ordered an investigation in the case too, while one of the cop filed a case against Trivedi too  for causing obstruction in government duty.

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