LS adjourned sine die

New Delhi, April 7 : The Lok Sabha was adjourned sine die on Thursday, a day ahead of schedule. Speaker Om Birla said 12 Bills were introduced and 13 Bills were passed in the Budget Session. Productivity of the House was 129 per cent, he added. The Bills passed by Lok Sabha include the Weapons of Mass Destruction and their Delivery Systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Amendment Bill, 2022, Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022, Delhi M cipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2022, Bills to amend SC and ST lists in various states and the Finance Bill. The Budget Session started on January 31, and went on a break on February 11. The second half of the session started on March 14, and concluded April 7. It was earlier scheduled to end on Friday. AO ING

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