Lomotif celebrates World Music Day with its talent search “Scouted By Lomo.” Artists offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a global music sensation

Lomotif is celebrating World Music Day (June 21st) by giving content creators around the world an opportunity to be spotted and get that one big break. ‘Scouted By Lomo’ brings the most promising of global artists under one roof. This competition will commence in July and see Lomotif join hands with Grammy Award winning producer, singer and lyricist Teddy Riley. Riley has worked with iconic artists such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Pharrell, and BTS .All eyes will be on the prize as the global winner, which is voted on by Lomotif users, receives an exclusive record label contract and producing commitment.

Spanning nine weeks, the competition will see contestants upload their audition clip to the official “Scouted by Lomo” channel on the Lomotif app. Ensuring that users keep an eye out for talent, the competition allows them to nominate promising artists by tagging them in the comments of their video on social media with the hashtag #ScoutedbyLomo. A series of eminent mentors shall be introduced who will guide these budding singers at every stage of the competition.

Speaking about being part of talent hunt, Teddy Riley said, “India is a culturally rich country, with an adept sense of rhythm unlike anywhere in the world. India’s passion and variety of musical styles make it exciting to see what these next artists have in store. I am confident that they will match up to the caliber of global artists making for a talent search/hunt that will be spoken about for a very long time.”

Paul Yang, Co-Founder & Chief Executive of Lomotif – adds, “An idea and an inspiration can arise from anywhere. Firm believers of this ideology, we take this thought forward and are all set to give budding musicians the opportunity of a lifetime through this talent hunt. And what better day to make the grand announcement than World Music Day. We see so much promise amongst Indian artists today and curating such a talent hunt is a testament to our belief of them going toe-to-toe with their global counterparts. It’s great to see Grammy Award winning producer Teddy Riley with us who shall encourage these singers on their path to glory so that they can be crowned the global winner and take home the coveted Record Label contract.”

It is time for all aspiring singers to seize this opportunity and start rehearsing for their best performance to enter the “Scouted By Lomo” talent search. Stay tuned to the launch date to be shared next week.

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