Kyiv has food items to last for 2 weeks

Kyiv, March 14 : In case Kyiv is encircled and besieged, there is reportedly enough food for at least two weeks to feed two million people who remain in the Ukrainian capital amid heavy shelling and continued advance by Russian forces from all sides. An apartment block in Kyiv on Monday was on fire after shelling by Vladimir Putin’s forces. Firefighters tried putting out fire in the two floors of a nine-story apartment block in Obolon neighborhood here, according to the State Emergency Service. Several lower floors were badly already damaged after being hit around 5 am. Meanwhile, Mariupol continues to be under siege with the Red Cross Society saying “a worst-case scenario awaits the hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped by heavy combat in Mariupol unless the parties reach a concrete humanitarian agreement urgently”. The city has been under Russian siege for almost a fortnight, with little water and food resources remaining. ING

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