Kharge blasts Sibal, ‘Kashmir Files’

New Delhi, March 16 : Rajya Sabha Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge said on Wednesday that Kapil Sibal may be a good advocate but he is not a good leader of the Congress. “I said yesterday, Kapil Sibal is a good advocate but not a good leader of Congress party. Which state did he go to? There are many who can give advice but the ground reality is different,” Kharge said. “He is trying to weaken the party… I would say these are deliberate attempts to weaken the party,” Kharge said. He said party leaders agreed at the Congress Working Committee meeting that President Sonia Gandhi will take steps to make corrections in the party. He also said action will be taken against those not working for the party. Kharge mentioned the film “Kashmir Files” and said he has never before seen a Prime Minister promote a movie. “I have spent 55 years in politics, no Prime Minister ever advertised a film like this. He said it in his party, at other places, by saying such things, the Prime Minister wants to disturb peace in the country, this is polarisation. “This movie is one sided. They want to mislead the youth by making such films. The Prime Minister is promoting it. It is not good for the country,” he said. AO MR

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