Israel detects 1st polio case since 1989

Jerusalem, March 7 ( /Xinhua) The Israeli Ministry of Health said it has detected polio infection in a 4-year-old child in Jerusalem. This is the first case of polio detected in Israel since 1989, according to Israeli media. The child was not vaccinated as part of the routine vaccinations that children receive in Israel, the ministry said in a statement. The source of the disease in this case is a strain of polio virus that has changed and can cause disease in those who are not vaccinated, the statement said. Following the infection, the ministry called for adherence to routine vaccinations at the recommended times and the completion of vaccinations for those who have not yet done so. The ministry’s regional health administration in Jerusalem has begun an epidemiological investigation and will contact people who were close to the child for specific guidance. Further recommendations will be decided upon the findings, the ministry noted. The virus has been recently found in sewage samples in Jerusalem, but so far there has been no clinical cases, it added. /XINHUA GNK

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