Isolating & defeating BJP imperative for India: Yechury

New Delhi, April 13 : Comm st Party of India (Marxist) leader Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday said ‘isolating and defeating’ BJP is imperative for India, and said Opposition parties should come together to defeat the ruling party. Addressing a press conference here, Yechury announced the outcome of the 23rd party Congress held in Kannur of Kerala, and said it was important to defeat BJP to improve the lives of people. “To improve the lives of people, it is essential this govt must go and this is the resolve of CPIM party Congress – isolation and defeat of the BJP,” Yechury said. He also slammed the government over the recent incidents of communal violence on the festival of Ram Navmi, and slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being silent on the issue. “Ram Navmi communal violence is something that is never heard of in such a widespread manner before. What is happening is ominous and very dangerous. PM’s silence is a testimony that these forces enjoy official patronage,” Yechury said. He also said the CPI-M will go to the ground on this issue, and hold protests against the rising communal incidents. He said the CPI-M will also reach out to similar like minded opposition parties to participate in the protest. Asked about the formation of a front of the Opposition parties against the ruling alliance, Yechury said a political front at a national level may come up only after polls are over, but added that like minded parties will come together at state level in the next Lok Sabha polls. Asked about how he sees Congress’ role in the efforts to form an Opposition alliance, he said it is for the Congress to decide. Yechury also mentioned that the CPI-M had extended an invitation to Congress leaders for some seminars at their party congress, and said “the CPI-M did not bring petty politics in this”. Asked what would be the CPI-M’s approach towards the Trinamool Congress, he said, “it depends on the TMC’s approach towards us. They keep killing our comrades, do not let them file nominations…” Yechury also said the party congress discussed strengthen the ty of the Left forces, to forge a “Left and Democratic front based on alternative policy programme”. He said CPI-M will also work to forge the “broadest mobilisation of secular forces against Hindutva communalism”. The 23rd party congress of the CPI-M was held in Kannur, Kerala from April 6-10. The party congress elected an 85 member Central Committee which elected Yechury as the General Secretary of the party. AO SY 1801

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