India’s Pride: Shiv Narayan Jewellers Makes History Achieving 8 Guinness World Records®Titles

Udaipur : Shiv Narayan Jewellers Pvt Ltd, the prestigious legacy jeweller, has achieved an extraordinary feat by securing 8 Guinness World Records® Titles establishing them as the first Indian jeweller in history to attain such a prestigious milestone. To commemorate this momentous occasion, a grand celebration was held at the enchanting Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad, a fitting venue to honour the rich legacy of Shiv Narayan.

The event witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries and renowned celebrities, including Bollywood’s fashion icon, Disha Patani who took to the ramp, adorned in Shiv Narayan’s high jewellery pieces. Another highlight of the evening was the “Experiential Zone”—an immersive experience showcasing the record-breaking jewels.

The first of the four record-breaking creations was the Ganesh Pendant, title for the Heaviest Pendant at 1011.150 grams, and the Most Diamonds Set On A Pendant, featuring 11,472 diamonds. This meticulously handcrafted jewel took over 6 ½ months to conceptualise and create. Shiv Narayan Jewellers broke their own record with the Ram Darbar pendant. This magnificent piece secured the titles for the Heaviest Pendant, weighing an impressive 1681.820 grams, and the Most Diamonds Set On A Pendant, boasting a staggering 54,666 diamonds.

Another masterpiece from Shiv Narayan Jewellers, the Satlada Necklace, became the brand’s third award-winning creation. This Seven Layer Necklace, with 315 emeralds and 1971 fine diamonds, holds the records for the Most Emeralds Set On A Necklace and the Most Diamonds Set On A Necklace. The sourcing of gemstones for this necklace alone took 2 ½ years, and its crafting spanned over 4 months.

Elevating luxury to new heights, Shiv Narayan Jewellers’ The Magnifying Glass holds an impressive value of $108,346 making it The Most Expensive Magnifying Glass.

Expressing his gratitude for this remarkable achievement, Mr. Tushar Agarwal, Managing Director – Shiv Narayan Jewellers Pvt Ltd, stated, “We are truly humbled to have achieved 8 Guinness World Records® Titles. This milestone not only marks a tremendous advancement for our industry but also acknowledges the dedication, hard work, and passion of our team on a global level.” As the only Indian jeweller to have achieved 8 Guinness World Records®Titles, Shiv Narayan Jewellers Pvt Ltd has solidified its place as one of the industry’s finest.