Indian model and actress Heer Achhra speaks about staying consistent in one’s journey

She paved her own path to success in her career, which she attributes to her hard work, passion and consistency in efforts.

People know how daunting a task it is for them to enter a specific industry and go ahead in creating a name for themselves. Without a doubt, this cannot happen overnight. Some have had to give in several years of their lives to reach a desirable position in their industries, where everything is about saturation and competition. Amidst all this, it is quite easy to think of giving up, but staying resilient and passionate can truly alter people’s lives for the better, thinks Indian model and actress Heer Achhra, whose success story is also a result of tremendous efforts and hard work.

Heer Achhra, who is still in her early twenties, is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, but now has made Mumbai her home after deciding to become a prominent figure in the Indian entertainment space. Her innate skill as an actor or model or the conviction she holds close in her heart for her craft has helped her come this far in the industry, which overflows with established as well as emerging talents.

Having trust in herself and believing in her goals, she kept heading toward fulfilling them, all on her own, and that’s what she has been doing for the last few years, right from making the decision to move to Mumbai to toiling every day to grab meaningful projects and working in the industry, giving it her all.

Heer Achhra, who last year was seen in an ad with Tiger Shroff, is grateful for the opportunity and is now excited to further prove her mettle by grabbing many more such exciting work and projects. After working in Gujarati films like Suryansh and Patel vs Petrick, she has turned into a more confident artist to face the camera and own the screen.

She was one of the finalists in FBB Femina Miss Gujarat in 2018, earned the title of the Most Desirable Woman of 2018 by The Times of India and worked extensively with top brands and promotional events as a model. Heer Achhra says that her approach of staying consistent with her efforts and hard work led her to where she stands today in the industry.

It was her consistency in efforts, passion and hard work that has given her a prominent name in the industry; she (@heerachhra) believes and advises other up-and-comers to focus on the same.


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