Hindustan Zinc organizes cattle health camps in Rajasthan under SAMADHAN project

  • More than 3400 farmers across5 districts and 95 villages of Rajasthan benefittedthrough these cattle health camps
  • The project has also been encouraging women farmers to come to the forefront of the field.

Udaipur : Hindustan Zinc on their quest to uplift communities around them,organised cattle health camps across 5 districts in Rajasthan throughout the month of July. Through their flagship project, SAMADHAN, they are aiming to improve the income of farmers and livestock rearers through sustainable farm based livelihood interventions. More than 35,800 cattle of over 3400 livestock owners including women farmers benefited from this drive.

With this project, Hindustan Zinc provides farmers with the right technical training and know-how to enhance their livelihood. The camp provided services for deworming, vaccination, artificial insemination (AI) as well as treatment for diseases related to monsoon season for livestock.

Dr. Netrapal Singh, Joint Director, Animal Husbandry Dept at Chittorgarh. Appreciated the efforts of Hindustan Zinc in the field of livestock development, “Hindustan Zinc has reached even the last frontier of the community to spread awareness regarding best practices in livestock development and animal welfare through these cattle health camps. Through this initiative, they have also worked on artificial insemination for breed improvement in livestock.”

Community Development at Hindustan Zinc includes health and wellbeing of not just local communities, but also extends to their sources of livelihood – their farms and livestock. Through SAMADHAN project, best scientific practices have been combined with technology along with inputs from domain experts to enhance the productivity of existing farm-based resources owned by 20000 farmers and livestock rearers. The cattle health camps ensure preventive and curative health, along with an increase in milk production capacity of cattle and breed improvement of livestock. The company’s aim is to make India better and to achieve that goal they want to empower the backbone of our country with their resources and expertise at every step possible.

SAMADHAN provides more than just cattle health camps and regular awareness sessions. They have designed a multi-prong approach that helped them reach out to more than 11, 500 families. They ensure the availability of fresh and high nutrition feed for cattle, providing 24/7 veterinarian services.

The intervention specializes in providing multiple types of services that are designed to meet the geographical requirement as well as region specific requirement of the beneficiaries. It also brings in global benchmark scientific practices to improve livestock productivity.

Through the farm based sustainable livelihood intervention, the organization has introduced sorted semen for female progeny in cows whose average milk production capacity is 1.5 times more as compared to average cows. Similarly, the organization has also introduced goat AI services.

SAMADHAN project is implemented by Hindustan Zinc in technical partnership with BISLD.

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