Hindustan Zinc brings a wave of Purity, Health and Hopein Kotra: 53 ROs and UV+ Filtersinstalled across educational institutions

  • The 53-cutting edge ROs and UV+ Filters installed will benefit over 12,000 individuals across 53 government institutions in Kotra Block
  • The inauguration ceremony was graced by Shri. Tarachand Meena, District collector, Udaipur, and Arun Misra, CEO – Hindustan Zinc.

Udaipur : Hindustan Zinc, the world’s second-largest integrated zinc-lead-silver producer and India’s sole enterprise,installed and inaugurated 53 state-of-the-art RO water filters with UV systems. The company continues to prioritize water initiatives aimed at achieving water sufficiency in rural areas. The inauguration ceremony was held at Vivekanand School, Kotra which witnessed the esteemed presence of Shri. Tarachand Meena, Collector Udaipur, and Shri. Arun Misra, CEO, Hindustan Zinc along with Deputy CEO –Krishnamohan Narayan, Head CSR, Ms Anupam Nidhi and Head Corporate Communication,MsMaitreyee Sankhla. The event also witnessed participation of teachers and students from across educational institutions of Kotra.

This transformative initiative is set to benefit over 12,000 individuals across 53 government institutions in Kotra Block by significantly providing access to pure and safe drinking water, and thus prominently curbing water-borne diseases.The implementation of RO water filters with advanced filtration mechanisms will ensureailments, further fortifying the overall health of the community.

Speaking about this remarkable initiative, Shri. Tarachand Meena, District Collector Udaipur, expressed his admiration, stating, “Water is the essence of life, and today, we stand united to celebrate the gift of clean, safe, and accessible water. The installation of these cutting-edge water filters is a testament to Hindustan Zinc’s unwavering commitment to the greater good of society. Through such impactful initiatives, Hindustan Zinc has consistently supported and uplifted indigenous communities, fostering improvements in their lives.”

Sharing his thoughts, Shri. Arun Misra, CEO, Hindustan Zinc, said, “With every drop of water purified, we pave the way for progress, prosperity, and a sustainable tomorrow. Today, we mark a new chapter of hope, resilience, and shared commitment towards a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life for children ofKotra. Let us carry this momentum forward, ensuring that no one is left behind in our pursuit of clean water for all.”

The latest initiative adopted at Kotra by Hindustan Zinc is a testament to their unwavering dedication to community empowerment, sustainable practices, and creating a better future for all. By providing the gift of pure and safe drinking water, Hindustan Zinc continues to transform lives and uplift communities, leaving an indelible mark on the journey towards progress.

Hindustan Zinc’s extraordinary efforts in water conservation have earned well-deserved recognition, with a remarkable water positive ratio of 2.41x. Driven by the vision to achieve 5 times water positivity by 2025, the company has implemented various initiatives such as establishment of a state-of-the-art 60MLD Sewage Treatment Plant in Udaipur, the introduction of a cutting-edge dry tailing plant in their mines, implementation of water harvesting structures in nearby areas, and the maintenance of zero liquid discharge across plants. Additionally, Hindustan Zinc has gone the extra mile by installing water ROs and ATMs in communities surrounding its business locations.