Here’s How You Can Make the Most of Samsung Health App on Your Smartphone


Samsung’s S Health app is a connected personal health service with industry-leading fitness coaching to help you track daily health related information and manage your fitness progress. The lifestyle companion app connects people and expands the concept of personal health making it more social.


Make exercising fun and fitness goals more attainable with all the features and functions of S Health app on your smartphone. All you need to do is download the app, sign into your account and get going.


Here’s how you can be on top of your fitness game by making the most of S Health app on your Galaxy smartphone:

Fitness Programs

S Health has a variety of fitness programs for your all-round workout. There’s stretching, weight loss, running, endurance training and a plethora of other options to choose from. Unlike exercise trackers, fitness programs give you a set schedule that you can follow.


Workout Videos

Missing your personal trainer at the gym? S Health has curated videos of coaches who can teach you how to do your exercises more effectively. Be it a squat challenge or a strenuous 60-minute aerobics session – get ready to sweat it out for the best results!


Stress Management

Besides physical workout, a healthy mind is important for overall fitness. In collaboration with Calm app, S Health comes with a suite of meditation and mindfulness features that are designed to help you manage your body and mind and to maintain your mental health.



Challenge Your Friends

This is what makes fitness goals more enjoyable! Challenge your friends and family on S Health app and make your workouts more fun and entertaining. Compare stats, steps taken and points and move along together in the fitness journey. Motivate one another and grow healthy together.




Women’s Health

S Health has a section dedicated to women’s health. It helps keep track of menstrual cycle and offers helpful support with personalised insights and content. It also provides you with tips, facts and suggestions that help you understand your body better and ensure your wellbeing.



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