Google Pixel 8 Receives a New Extended Warranty for Screen Glitches

Google introduces a protective measure for Pixel 8 owners experiencing screen defects. In light of the display issues like persistent vertical lines and screen flickering that have surfaced, Google has expanded its warranty coverage. Pixel 8 users now have a three-year warranty from the purchase date, addressing these specific screen concerns.

This extended warranty arrives after half a year of user complaints on forums which point to a significant number of Pixel 8 units being afflicted. Some even reported an odd green hue taking over their device’s screen, joining the list of glitches.

Eligibility isn’t automatic—a check involving the device’s serial number by Google or a certified partner will determine if your Pixel 8 falls under the enhanced warranty conditions. The specifics are clear: the warranty caters to those with either a perpetual vertical line or frequent flickers on their display.

For Pixel 8 units that don’t meet the criteria for the three-year warranty, there’s still a silver lining. The devices might be salvaged by Google’s traditional limited warranty, which covers similar screen defects and additional hardware issues.

It should be noted that the Pixel 8 Pro, despite having encountered similar problems as reported by owners, is currently excluded from this warranty extension. This caveat has been highlighted in coverage from various tech-focused outlets.

Android aficionados should be aware this screen conundrum is not unique to the Pixel 8. For instance, the recent Samsung Galaxy S24 series has had its share of display issues post-launch, with a mixture of complaints ranging from lackluster colors to grainy visuals on their devices.