Gold Rate in Saudi Arabia Today – 19 August 2023


On August 19, 2023, the price of gold in Saudi Arabia (KSA) is 2278.85 SAR (Saudi Riyals) for 10 kilos of the precious metal, while 1 tola of 24-Karat gold costs SAR 2657.77.

The price of the yellow metal in 24-Karat and 22-Karat per tola and 10 grams is also included in the details of the gold rate in Saudi Arabia on August 19, 2023, which are provided below.

Saudi Arabia’s gold price on August 19, 2023

The cost of a gram of 24-karat gold is 2278.85 Saudi Arabian Riyals (SAR), while a gram of 22-karat gold is 2087.30 SAR.

Similar to other countries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) charges 2657.77 SAR for a tola of 24-karat gold and 2434.74 SAR for a tola of 22-karat gold.

It is important to note that the price of gold fluctuates constantly throughout the world, including Saudi Arabia (KSA), thus the information in this post may not be accurate. However, we make every effort to update this site with the most recent and real-time gold prices available on the bullion market in Saudi Arabia.

Please be aware that the prices indicated are for general informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for trading. Please visit your local bullion market for the most up-to-date rates and the most accurate prices.