Explosion at military airport in Afghanistan; many killed: Taliban

Kabul : Many people are feared dead in a massive explosion at the military airport in the capital of Afghanistan.


Confirming the blast, Taliban Interior Ministry spokesman Abdul Nafi Takkar said that there was an explosion at Kabul’s military airport on Sunday morning but refrained from giving details of the number killed or injured in the blast. The Taliban only said that some people have also been killed in the blast.

The video of this blast in Kabul has gone viral, in which a plume of smoke is clearly visible rising from near the spot.

This blast happened at such a time when there was a massive blast three days ago, in which four people were injured. The blast took place in the town of Talukan, the capital of Takhar Province. Taliban security commander Abdul Mobin Safi confirmed the attack. He said the bomb was placed under the desk of a local administration employee.

Attacks have increased significantly since the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan. An explosion rocked northern Badakhshan province, killing a police chief and injuring two others.

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