Evacuate Indians minus propaganda: Congress

New Delhi, March 7 : The Congress on Monday expressed “alarm and distress” over the escalating conflict in Ukraine and stressed that the Indian government must ensure the safe evacuation of all Indians from there but without doing propaganda. “The Congress is alarmed and distressed over the escalation of military conflict in Ukraine. The loss of innocent lives, widespread destruction, mass exodus of people and the aggravated human sufferings is unacceptable,” it said in a statement. “We remain gravely concerned about the safety of thousands of Indian students and citizens trapped in war zones,” it said. “The Congress earnestly appeals for an immediate end to all hostilities and the creation of geographically defined humanitarian corridors for safe evacuation respected by both sides. Russia–Ukraine and NATO must engage in sincere negotiations for restoring peace and a lasting resolution of all issues.” The Congress said it is the duty of the Indian government to make all efforts to bring back Indian citizens caught up in Ukraine. “It is important to remember and recall that India has in the past undertaken successful large-scale operations by its Air Force and Navy to evacuate Indians during Gulf War, Lebanon, Libya and Iraq without indulging in partisan propaganda,” it said. Evacuation of Indians, mostly students from Ukraine, is being done through neighbouring Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. AO SY MR

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