[DIY] Quick Tips to Make Sure Your Refrigerator Performs at its Best

Your refrigerator is your storehouse for all your favorite food. Working 24 hours, it’s literally your best friend forever. But for your best friend to be up and running efficiently, you need to care for them regularly.


Here are some of the ways to prevent excess moisture getting formed in your refrigerator and make sure it performs at its best.


Check placement of the refrigerator

  • Always keep the refrigerator away from direct sunlight
  • Leave enough space around the refrigerator for proper air circulation
  • Do not keep the refrigerator directly in front of an air cooler, under a fan, or in a high humidity area


Check the temperature settings

  • Incorrect temperature settings can lead to excess moisture forming inside your refrigerator. So, adjust the temperature as per the season
  • During monsoon season, it is recommended to keep the temperature of freezer at -19 degree Celsius and fridge at 3 degree Celsius


Check the food placement

  • Always store food in an organized way to ensure sufficient air circulation
  • Use mesh bags to store fruits and vegetables
  • Hot food should not be placed inside the refrigerator. Cool it to room temperature before refrigeration
  • It is recommended to keep the food covered with a lid


Avoid using covers

  • Using shelf covers may block the air circulation
  • Do not use external covers


Avoid frequent opening of the refrigerator door


  • Keep the refrigerator door closed properly. This will ensure that warm air does not enter the refrigerator



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• Clean your refrigerator regularly for its smooth functioning
• Power fluctuations can cause moisture inside the refrigerator

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