[DIY] Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean and Safe with these Simple Steps

Summer’s peaking and your AC needs service. As you’re home, and our service teams may not be able to reach you right now because of lockdown restrictions, here are useful tips that will help you get your AC in good shape before we are allowed to visit you in person.


With all of us staying indoors, our air conditioners have been working overtime to keep us cool. Be it your all day long work from home or a good night’s sleep, air conditioner is not only essential, but indispensable in our lives.


The latest Samsung 5 in 1 Convertible air conditioner range and 2021 Windfree air conditioners take care of all your cooling needs. From offering optimum cooling in different settings to being energy efficient, Samsung offers it all.


But for your air conditioner to work effectively, it is important to keep it clean and safe because it is all about your health right now.


The air conditioner’s filter removes contaminants such as smoke, dust particles, pollen and grease to keep the air clean inside our homes. Regular cleaning of our AC filters also makes the AC energy efficient and ensures optimum performance. We recommend cleaning of filters once in every two weeks.


Take a look at how to do it for your Samsung 5 in 1 Convertible and Windfree air conditioners.



Here is how you can clean the filters of all your other air conditioners.



We are full of hope that our service engineers will soon be back in action, and reaching your doorstep. Until then, we urge you to connect with us through our WhatsApp Chat feature (https://bit.ly/31QN4lI)


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