Discussion on Voter Helpline App and Voter Awareness Campaign with Bank Cooperation

Udaipur. A training meeting was organized on Thursday at the State Bank of India’s Madhuban Branch, led by the District Manager Rajesh Jain, to discuss the operation of the Voter Helpline App and collaboration with banks in the Voter Awareness Campaign. Jain highlighted that the meeting covered not only training on the operation of the Voter Helpline App but also a review of the progress of government-supported loan schemes through banks.

Additionally, discussions included the Annual Action Plan for the year 2024-25, the 100% Digital District Initiative, and preparations for Financial Literacy Week scheduled from February 26 to March 1, 2024, as per the directives of the Reserve Bank of India. The meeting was attended by Dr. Deveelal Garg, the Sweep District Coordinator from the District Election Office, along with Hemraj Sonawal and Mohan Jakhar from the guiding bank.