Derma Puritys Essential skin care tips for monsoon: Lalita Arya

Monsoon means high humidity and bacteria that increases the chances of fungal infections and itching. Also, if you somehow get wet, you can easily be prone to rashes and fungal infection. For this the best protection is to dust an anti-fungal powder on the body. For skin problems like acne and flaky skin, wash your face gently and don’t let the bacteria grow. When outdoors, keep your face clean with the help of wet face wipes.

Nowadays, humidity is doubled due to the masks. Therefore, you should use face wash that contains anti-bacterial properties and tea tree oil. If you’re getting uncontrollable acne then you can contact a good dermatologist immediately at Dermapuritys.

Dermapuritys is a well-equipped skin and hair clinic based in Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi with highly-qualified doctors and fully-trained staff. All the treatments are done under the supervision of professional doctors. Their reliable dermatological services include laser hair removal and Botox. Some of their more services are HydraFacial, Good Gene Therapy, Face PRP, Mesotherapy, Permanent Make-Up, Hair PRP, Hair Transplant, Body Contouring & Tightening and Cellulite Reduction (CoolSculpting and Med Contour), Cosmetic Surgery, Anti-Ageing Treatments, 4D ClearLift, Derma Roller, HIFU, Laser & Skin Lightening Treatment, Bridal packages etc.

So, in order to glam up your skin during monsoon, here are a few expert tips for your skin by skincare expert Ms. Lalita Arya, Vice President, Dermapuritys. Have a look!

Many of us might skip moisturizer during the rainy season but it’s a myth, Moisturizer is very important as it retains water in our skin. No matter what skin type you are, apply suitable moisturiser.

During monsoon, try to wear less makeup and let your skin breath, as makeup may get messy if you encounter rain. Do not itch or rub the skin too much or pick acne as it will increase the problem.

Suggest you to not forget your lips, use some product that basically moisturises your lips, and keep it handy while travelling to apply it later. Also, it may be cloudy outside, but UV rays still can affect your skin, therefore you must apply your sunscreen. “The little care will revitalize your skin by removing all clogs and giving it back it’s lost sheen and radiance.” added Lalita Arya.

Consuming protein rich food and food that are high in fibres provides nourishment to the skin and keeps skin naturally healthy. Drink a lot of water, it detoxifies the body and keeps skin healthy and hydrated. Avoid junk food and high-sugary food items; they can be a major reason for breakouts.

Follow the basic skin care regimen of, cleanse-tone-moisturize. Also, exfoliate your skin gently from time to time to get rid of dead skin and unclog the pores.

Also, in between all this do not forget to take care of your feet and hands! The great home remedies for monsoon are peppermint facemask and even use mint water as a toner.

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