Delhi Water Minister Jain visits Yamuna floodplains

New Delhi : Water Minister Satyendar Jain on Friday visited the floodplains of the Yamuna at Palla in North Delhi — the site of the city government”s ambitious project to augment water supply in the capital by recharging groundwater.

He said the 40-acre Palla floodwater recharge site is ready to receive floodwater and that the three-year project is in its final stage.

“This has increased the groundwater by 0.5-2 metres in the last two years. The completed project will further aid the groundwater recharge,” Jain tweeted.

The project, managed by the Delhi Irrigation and Flood Control Department, was launched by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in August 2019 to store overflowing water from the river in shallow reservoirs on the floodplains.

The groundwater so recharged can be extracted through borewells to meet the city”s growing water demand.

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