Deaf and mute students get sensitized about Good Touch and Bad touch through Hindustan Zinc’s Jeevan Tarangawareness programme

  • More than 350 Deaf and Mute students from across schools of Ajmer, Bhilwara & Udaipurwereeducated about good touch and bad touch 
  • The awareness session covered ways to differentiate between good touch and bad touch, sensitization about consent followed by a Q&A round

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Udaipur :  Hindustan Zinc under its Jeevan Tarang programme organized awareness sessions on good touch and bad touch for deaf and mute students from across the schools of Ajmer, Bhilwara & Udaipur. With the rapid increase in the number of child abuse cases, awareness related to consent, safe touch and unsafe touch, has become a vital topic of discussion. With the ideology to build a safe community, more than 350 studentsfrom class 1st to 12thwere sensitized about their body and touch.

The session covered topics such as types of touch, ways to identify good touch and bad touch, consent and were encouraged to say No to practices that feel to be invading their personal space. Further, key factors were discussed to differentiate between both the actions and to make the sessionengaging, visuals were used to denote the actions and to educate the students.The awareness session was concluded by a Q&A round wherein the students voiced out their doubts and concerns which were resolved by the instructors.The objective of the session was to create awareness among children about child abuse and to further prevent crimes such as molestation and to save children from trauma.

Jeevan Tarang programme aims to mainstream and work towards building capacity of people with disabilities by supporting and providing trainers to facilitate their learning outcomes. Sessions are organised to promote well-rounded learning on Indian sign language, and related to health & hygiene, additionally life skill training is also provided to upskill them.

Hindustan Zinc has been touching the lives of around 1.4 million people through its long-term community development initiatives and is also the only Indian company to be recognised at the S&P Global Platts Metal Award 2022 and has won the prestigious award ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ Award.

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