Country singer Dolly Parton removes her name from Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame nominees

New Delhi, March 15 : Prolific country singer Dolly Parton has asked for her name to be removed from the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame nominees list, after earning it in February. “Even though I am extremely flattered and grateful to be nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I don’t feel that I have earned that right,” Parton, 76, wrote in a statement posted to social media. “I really do not want votes to be split because of me, so I must respectfully bow out.” Among the 17 nominees eligible for inclusion alongside Parton were: Eminem, A Tribe Called Quest, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon, Dionne Warwick and Kate Bush, along with bands like Judas Priest, MC5, Rage Against the Machine and New York Dolls. Parton said that her Hall of Fame nomination has inspired her to “a hopefully great rock ‘n’ roll album at some point in the future,” and that her husband, Carl Dean “has always encouraged me to do one.” Parton added “I wish all of the nominees good luck and thank you again for the compliment. Rock on!” This is not the first time the Hall where people have balked at the institute. In the past, Axl Rose of Guns’N Roses thumbed his nose at the Hall of Fame while the members of the iconic British punk rock band Sex Pistols refused to attend the ceremony calling it a “piss stain” while Bruce Dickinson of the legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden has also insulted the institute calling it a “complete and utter load of bollocks”. Various critics have come forward and accused the museum of gender bias and snubbing genres like punk, hardcore, progressive rock, hard rock and heavy metal. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will announce this year’s 2022 class in May, and it formally will be inducted in the fall, according to its website. ANV RN

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