Cool And Bawaal Working On Namacool With Hina Khan Says Sakshi Mhadolkar

Rising star Sakshi Mhadolkar recently shared her experiences working on her new show, “Namacool,” expressing her excitement and gratitude for being part of such a vibrant project. Describing the show as a “cool and Bawaal kind of experience,” sakshi Mhadolkar highlighted the joy and camaraderie she found on set with Hina Khan.

Reflecting on the production process, Sakshi Mhadolkar emphasized the enjoyable atmosphere permeating the set from the beginning. “It was a cool and Bawaal kind of experience working on Namacool. It was a great team and vibe to work with, I remember from the day we started our prep, that it was fun, and that translated to screen, we just wanted to create something purely for entertainment, it is a light-hearted and fun show, you can watch it with your friends and family. With this show, the team’s intention got translated for the screen. This being my first project, I got to work with such an amazing ensemble and director Ritam Srivastaav, I think I am god’s favorite child.”

Sakshi was particularly enthusiastic about her experience working with Hina Khan. She praised Khan’s grace and professionalism, recounting her awe upon meeting her co-star. “The first time I saw her, I went OMG, she is beautiful inside out, and she knows what she is doing, she is a queen,” Sakshi enthused. Despite hearing advice to maintain boundaries with senior stars, Sakshi found Hina Khan humble, helpful, and kind. The challenge, she revealed, was portraying her character Niharika’s animosity towards Khan’s character Rubiya, given her real-life admiration for the actress.

When it comes to her acting process, Sakshi considers herself an explorer. She is still in the learning phase, discovering new ways to add depth to her characters. She said, “Right now, I am an explorer, I don’t have a process, I am learning, discovering and finding new ways to add to the character I am doing, I trust my director, I let him create the world for me, and I live my part in it, but I do prepare my lines, I do my homework before going to the sets.”

Adding about her new project, Sakshi quipped, “I am working on my next project; we have started shooting. It is a web show, this one is a little thrilling, killing, and exciting show.”

Helmed by Ritam Srivastav, the series stars Hina Khan, Abhinav Sharma, Faisal Malik, Anushka Kaushik, Satish Badal, Abhishek Bajaj, Sakshi Mhadolkar, Aaron Arjun Koul.