Congress to hold padyatras from Gujarat to Delhi, Bihar to Bengal

New Delhi, March 21 : As a part of its celebrations to mark 75 years of independence, Congress will hold two ‘padyatras’ one from Gujarat to Delhi, and the second from Champaran in Bihar to Beliaghat in Kolkata. Party sources said a meeting was held with office bearers from different states, where the two marches were finalised. One of the planned ‘padyatras’ (foot march) will start from Gujarat which will be organised by Congress Seva Dal. The padyatra will start on April 6, and culminate in Delhi after 60 days on June 1. The second padyatra would be started from Champaran in Bihar, the place where historic Champaran Satyagraha of 1917 was started by Mahatma Gandhi. This padyatra, set to be 40-days long, has been named Gandhi Sandesh Yatra. Organised by the Youth Congress, it will culminate in Beliaghat of Kolkata, where Gandhi had held a 73 hours long fast in 1947 for communal peace amid post partition riots. At least 75 people will participate in both the yatras, which will include party workers, leaders and locals are also expected to join. Several party leaders will also join the yatra. AO SHK2241

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